The Life of Jimmy
Jimmy is a 12 year-old boy who wants to play baseball.  But nothing ever goes his way. 8 pages.

Quest for the Cloud Castle
A princess is kidnapped and held prisoner in an enchanted castle. Can the overconfident knight and his squire rescue her in time? 42 Pages

A Moment of Culture
Horatio tries to recite Shakespeare. Willie makes things more interesting. 12 Pages

1 Shot Stories
Experimental one page stories featuring a dog that vacuums, a fortune-teller, bizarre monsters  and more! 6 Pages

Molly and Her Mongoose.
Molly is a cute little girl who gets lost in an uncharted cave. Can Mr. Squiggles, her pet mongoose, help her get back home? 15 Pages

Charlie Croc, Private Eye 2: The Mad Masquerade Mystery
Charlie Croc and Will Whitefeather return! This time, Croc is hired to do a simple security job for a society masquerade ball. But things go terribly wrong.  23 Pages

Crazy Cal Gets A Job!
The host of this site in his own story at last!  Cal is forced to find gainful employment.  But why is he being followed by people in sunglasses, and what does it have to do with “EVIL” coffee?  39 Pages

SMPBannerSnow Monkey Patrol Saves Christmas!
In the Land of Eternal Winter, when Christmas is threatened it’s up to the SMP to save the day. 16 Pages

CrocBannerCharlie Croc, Private Eye
Charlie Croc and Will Whitefeather, an overly enthusiastic newspaper reporter, solve a complex mystery in a dark, dreary, slightly oddball swamp. 40 pages

OwlBannerThe Barn Owl
When there’s something strange in the barn, the town’s people jump to conclusions.  Is it a monster, or just a common Barn Owl?  6 pages