Frequently Asked Questions

What is this thing?

Crazy Cal Presents is a comic book website featuring a collection of short stories with a variety of fun characters.

How often are the comics updated?

The current plan is to update 1 page a week. That schedule might be increased in the future.

Who is Crazy Cal?

Crazy Cal is your host and narrator on this site. He’s a nice guy, but a little quirky. Cal will introduce you to all his friends and tell you fun stories.

Who is Rob Peters?

Rob is a freelance illustrator and cartoonist.  He writes and draws the comics on this site.  To see his illustration work, or contact him for a freelance job, visit

Why are some comics in color and some in Black and White?

The visual style of each comic is based on the type of story being told. Charlie Croc is inspired by old noir movies and detective shows, so black and white art makes sense.  The Barn Owl is an old-style fairy tale, so it uses a more painterly coloring style.

I’ve got a great idea for a comic, can I send it to you?

Not right now.  At the moment, Crazy Cal Presents is exclusively for my ideas and concepts.  And I have enough ideas to keep this site filled for a few years, at least.   If you wish to hire me for comic or other illustration work, that’s a different matter. You can contact me through my other website: