One of the frustrating things about doing a webcomic is that sometimes I don’t have time to get a page exactly the way I want it. Other commitments or time restraints keep a page from becoming 100% what I want it to be. So when I converted the first Charlie Croc webcomic into the new Kindle edition, I was able to make things look like I always intended them to.

For example, on page 18 Croc and Will were surrounded by the entire Frog mob. The top half of the page had a ton of frogs that took a long time to draw, so much so that I had run out of time to draw everyone in the bottom three panels. So I improvised with a few frogs in the foreground and an abstract background.



And that was less than ideal. But I had other freelance work to do, so this was what it had to be.

Until now.



In this new version, I was finally able to add in the crowd that I always knew was there. I also moved the frogs in foreground further to the edges, out of the way of the main action.  Much better, if I do say so myself.

So if you want to read the newly remastered edition of Charlie Croc: Private Eye, you can at this link.