One of the disadvantages to drawing a webcomic is that I don’t always have as much time as I would have liked. And so there were a few instances where I had to leave stuff out or leave a panel half completed. For the new book, I’m going back and re-drawing pages throughout, making everything perfect.

Here is one of the newly revised pages from early in the Quest for the Cloud Castle. These are penciled with a non-photo blue pencil. I darkened the lines after scanning so that you could see what’s what. The blank faces in the last panel might  be filled in with the faces of some of the $200 and $350 backers. And I’m sorry for the few places where the text is hard to see. I usually draw in the speech balloons last.

So, what do you think? The only way this and other pages will ever see the light of day is if you help me. Go to the Kickstarter page and back the book. You can secure your own copy of the book and maybe even get some wonderful Kickstarter exclusives (posters, bookmarks, original artwork, and even your own appearance in the book). So please check it out. The clock is ticking, there is only 13 days left for the project to make its goal. Thanks.